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With over 37 years of experience and proactive strategies, I create cost-effective solutions for Massachusetts businesses.

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Business Guidance Backed by Decades of Experience

Based out of Concord, Massachusetts, the Law Office of Rosario Mario F. Rizzo provides businesses across the state with the guidance they need to achieve their goals. When a business retains my services, I become a part of the team — learning the important details necessary to steer the client toward success.

I advise business clients in variety of areas, including:

Having been in practice for more than 37 years, 29 of those years as a solo practitioner, I have developed creative strategies for helping business clients achieve the results they want in the most efficient, cost-effective manner possible.

Unique Insight for Businesses Seeking Government Contracts

With extensive experience gained during my time 24 years in the United States Air Force and the Air Force Reserve, I can provide you services in federal procurement, federal ethics and conflict of interest matters, False Claims Act (Qui Tam) cases, and federal procurement fraud cases. My unique background, coupled with personalized services, makes my firm a smart choice for businesses in federal government procurement. Your business benefits from my insight into the government as well as the attentiveness of working with a small firm.

Use the Law to Your Advantage

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