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Don't rush into signing that commercial lease

Starting your own small business or moving to a new location in Massachusetts can be an exciting time full of possibilities. You may have great plans for your business at its new location, and you may be eager to sign a lease and start as quickly as possible. However, it is important that you do your due diligence before jumping into a business transaction that places so much of your resources on the line.

Before you sign a commercial lease, you would be wise to take your time and perhaps even prepare a checklist of items to complete before putting your signature on a contract. One of the worst outcomes you can expect is to sign a long-term lease on a property and later discover the terms of the lease or the property itself is not conducive to your business' success.

Government contracts are rewarding but tough

Your business may be doing well, but you may feel it is time to expand its reach. Perhaps one of your goals for your business in the coming year is to secure a government contract for your goods or services. You may have obtained private contracts easily since you first established your business, but government contracts are a different entity with different and complex rules.

If it is your hope to win a lucrative contract to supply a government agency with your goods or services, you will need to understand the unique elements of these contracts and the most effective way to compete for your chance at obtaining one. Many in your position find that working with an experienced attorney provides an advantage when contending with other businesses for those coveted contracts.

Some breaches of contract are more severe than others

When the time came for your company to work with an outside party, you chose to utilize a contract so that everyone involved was on the same page in terms of expectations for the business relationship. The agreement may have included numerous details from the necessary actions of the other party to the compensation involved.

You may have felt confident at the beginning of the endeavor that the business relationship would go smoothly. However, over time, doubts began to creep into your mind with regard to the other party fulfilling his or her part of the agreement. In fact, you may believe that a breach of contract has occurred.

How to choose a business form

You’ve had the dream to launch your own business for years. Finally, you are ready to take that next step, but you quickly realize the amount of work it will take in the beginning. First, before you start designing a website, hiring any employees or find an office or storefront to rent, you’ll need to decide what type of business to form.


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