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Choosing The Right Path For Your Business

Is your new business best organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership or limited liability corporation? I will review the insurance, profitability and tax consequences of each, and recommend the most beneficial form for your company.

Both new and established businesses benefit from the guidance of an experienced attorney. With over 29 years of experience in the field, I provide business law services personalized to your organization’s goals.

Proactive Strategies For New As Well As Established Businesses

Choosing the right structure and governance for your business is just as important as ensuring your service or product is of the best quality it can be. I take the time to get to know my clients who are business owners, the needs of their business and their plans for growth. Examining every angle helps me advise clients on the best structure for their needs and goals. In nearly every case, having a comprehensive plan at the start prevents serious problems down the road.

Once your business is established, I can act as an in-house counsel as you move forward and grow. Every business will encounter legal challenges. Whether it is a breach of contract claim or an intellectual property issue, you need an attorney who is a part of your team. I dedicate the time and resources necessary to provide proactive strategies as well as plans for your future.

Set Yourself Up For Success

To learn more about your options for business formation and other corporate governance areas, call the Law Office of Rosario Mario F. Rizzo in Concord at 978-371-2500. You can also request a consultation online.