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Is It Time To Get Your Affairs In Order?

If something happened tomorrow, would your family know your wishes? What would happen to your business? Who would inherit your estate? Every adult should have a will and an estate plan, yet millions of people do not have these basic documents in place.

Put your wishes in writing and provide guidance to your loved ones. I offer estate planning and probate services in Concord and the surrounding communities of Middlesex County. I welcome anyone who wants to “get their affairs in order,” including business owners who are concerned about asset protection and succession planning.

Customized Estate Planning

The details are important. I take the time to get to know you, so that these important documents reflect your goals and your concerns:

  • Your last will and testament declares your heirs and what each will inherit when you pass away. Your will can also nominate a guardian for minor children, arrange for care of pets, and express your funeral wishes.
  • Powers of attorney kick in if you become incapacitated by illness, injury or mental decline. A durable power of attorney appoints someone you trust to handle your financial and business affairs. A health care power of attorney authorizes someone to make medical decisions if you cannot.
  • An advance medical directive (living will) instructs your doctors and your family of your wishes on end-of-life matters, such as resuscitation, life support, organ donation and last rites.

Without a will, the state of Massachusetts divides your assets. Without power of attorney, your family can’t “take care of business.” Without a living will, your loved ones may be faced with gut-wrenching choices.

Trusts, Asset Protection And Business Succession

From decades of practice in business law consulting, I understand that a great deal of your estate, your retirement income and your legacy may be wrapped up in your business. I can advise on estate planning trusts and vehicles such as family LLCs to pass your enterprise on to the next generation.

Trusts can also be used to bypass probate, protect family wealth from creditors, or to set aside funds for a child with special needs.

Probate And Estate Administration Services

If you are named the executor or personal representative of someone’s estate, I can guide you through the Massachusetts probate process and administrative duties. This may include opening the estate, taking stock of the assets, paying debts, liquidating property, filing taxes, and final accounting. The job can be daunting, but I will provide step-by-step assistance to wind down the estate as efficiently as possible.

I Aim To Make This Easy For You

Estate planning involves uncomfortable topics and big decisions. I explain it all in plain English and walk you through the different scenarios. From nearly 40 years of practicing law, I know how to create documents that are clear and comprehensive.

Don’t Put Off Estate Planning Any Longer

We don’t know when our time will come, but we can prepare for it. I invite you to call the in Concord at 978-371-2500 to arrange a convenient time to meet, or request a consultation online.