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Government contracts are rewarding but tough

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Your business may be doing well, but you may feel it is time to expand its reach. Perhaps one of your goals for your business in the coming year is to secure a government contract for your goods or services. You may have obtained private contracts easily since you first established your business, but government contracts are a different entity with different and complex rules.

If it is your hope to win a lucrative contract to supply a government agency with your goods or services, you will need to understand the unique elements of these contracts and the most effective way to compete for your chance at obtaining one. Many in your position find that working with an experienced attorney provides an advantage when contending with other businesses for those coveted contracts.

Private contracts protect your rights

You have probably dealt with the commercial contract process in the past. The entities with whom you contracted to provide a service or product followed the regulations of the state of Massachusetts. You and the other party went through various stages of your contracted project, including drafting a contract, negotiating its contents, approving the final version and implementing its terms. If you or the other party found it necessary to change or amend those terms, you revisited the contract and negotiated those changes.

Both you and the other party have certain rights when operating under the terms of a contract. For example, if you fail to provide the services in the time and manner the contract dictates, the other party may take legal action against you. At the same time, you have the right to know that the other party will meet his or her contract terms, such as paying you on time and accepting the goods you deliver in good faith.

Government contracts have different rules

When you deal with a government contract, you are essentially dealing with the Federal Acquisitions Regulations system. These codes give the government great power over the contract. In other words, the government may amend the terms of the contract or terminate the contract at any time without negotiating with you or seeking your approval. This is another reason why having an attorney on your side may be beneficial.

Nevertheless, if your business can land a government contract, it may be a very profitable and exciting challenge. With a legal advocate who has experience with pursuing and working with government contracts, you may see your business maximize its success in the coming year.